Do you have ankle pain when walking but there’s no swelling?

Do You Have Ankle Pain When Walking Without Swelling?

Swelling is such a common symptom associated with ankle pain that it’s surprising if your ankle hurts but there is no swelling present. If you’re dealing with ankle pain when walking but there is no swelling present, it can be easy to wonder what the cause is and if the injury is serious. Ankle pain is extremely common and is most often related to injuries related to physical activity, but there can be a number of other causes. 

In many cases, less severe instances of ankle pain can be successfully treated with basic PRICE therapy — or protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. For pain that persists, even if swelling does not develop, it is highly recommended to see a qualified medical professional, such as your primary care doctor. 

Upon diagnosis of many types of ankle pain, patients are commonly recommended to undergo physical therapy. To help you understand the benefits that physical therapy can provide, we’re offering the following helpful guide. 

How does physical therapy help with ankle pain?

Physical therapists are experts in the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system. That makes them especially capable of identifying the underlying causes of injuries, including joint issues such as ankle injuries. When you see a therapist for ankle pain when walking that is not accompanied by swelling, he or she can pinpoint the movements that are the underlying cause. 

In most cases, your treatment plan should consist of methods that include the following: 

  • Therapeutic exercises — to improve range of motion and increase stability on the ankle
  • Movement training — to reduce load on the ankle and address misalignments that may be contributing to pain
  • Manual therapy — to mobilize soft tissue and joints in and around the ankle while relaxing tense muscles and improving blood flow
  • Instruction — on treatments and exercises that patients can perform at home to reduce symptoms and promote ankle stability

The treatment approach that works for each patient is different, so it’s critical to be patient and take a proactive and collaborative approach with your therapist as you work to regain ankle function. 

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