Can vestibular rehab in Battle Creek, MI, correct my balance?

Can Vestibular Rehab in Battle Creek, MI, Correct My Balance?

Do you often feel as though the world is spinning or tilting? There are many ways that people describe feeling dizzy: lightheadedness, the feeling that you or your surroundings are spinning, vertigo, a swimming feeling in the head, floating, feeling as though you might pass out. There are also just as many causes.

For those over the age of 75, feeling as though they or their surroundings are spinning when they are not is a common complaint, but it is also one that does not discriminate with age. Patients of all ages experience this unsettling feeling of imbalance for one reason or another. Reasons for this sensation, also known as vertigo, can be due to small crystals in the inner ear, a side effect of medication, an injury, headaches, illness or a more serious problem. The cause may be central, occurring in the spinal cord or brain, or peripheral, due to an issue with the inner ear. Discovering the root cause of the vertigo is the first step in treating it.  

What does vestibular rehabilitation in Battle Creek, MI, look like?

Vertigo is diagnosed by taking into consideration a full history of symptoms and events, which includes medical issues, recent illnesses and medications. A physical exam is conducted along with other tests if necessary. An evaluation will include balance, leg strength and flexibility, visual stability and mobility, neck mobility and strength, and an inner ear exam. A comprehensive treatment plan will be created based on what is discovered.

Vestibular rehab is an exercise-based program designed to improve balance and help you address the dizziness. In some scenarios it will be the only treatment you need, or it may be part of a larger pre- and post-surgery plan.

Our experienced and certified physical therapists are trained in the Cawthorne head exercises and Epley maneuver for vertigo and can teach you how to continue these exercises at home. The Cawthorne head exercises are a series of head and eye movements that decrease sensitivity of the nerves and improve vertigo. The Epley maneuver is a repositioning procedure that is done to move the crystals in the inner ear.

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