Three benefits of postpartum training with a physical therapist

Benefits of Postpartum Training Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Mattawan, Plainwell & Portage, MI

Pregnancy is tough on the body. It puts pressure on your spine, hips, pelvis and internal organs. This added pressure can cause progressive discomfort and pain during pregnancy.

After delivering your child, though, your body is surprisingly prepared for recovery. However, some women experience problems after childbirth, especially around the pelvic floor. When this happens, you need postpartum training from a physical therapist.

What are some signs you might need postpartum training?

You won’t feel like yourself immediately after pregnancy, but the following symptoms are not normal. You may need postpartum training if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Don’t wait until you experience these symptoms to get help from a physical therapist. Physical therapy can help reduce the pain and difficulties that come with pregnancy and postpartum life.

Benefits of postpartum training from a physical therapist

Pregnancy can damage muscles and ligaments that support your body. Physical therapists can help you strengthen and stretch these muscles and ligaments. Doing so can offer benefits that include:

  1. Improving your physical health — A postpartum therapy plan will be designed to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Damage to your pelvic floor can cause several postpartum problems, including back pain.
  1. Improving your mental health — Mothers who suffer postpartum depression may benefit from physical therapy. Physical routines that strengthen the body can help new moms feel supported and can help them recover from depression.
  1. Revitalizing your sex life — Damage to the pelvic floor can affect your sex life, causing it to be less enjoyable or even painful. Physical therapy helps strengthen these muscles, so you can regain your sexual confidence.

Find effective physical therapy for your post-pregnancy recovery at Armor Physical Therapy

Are you ready to start postpartum training with an experienced therapy team? Our physical therapy specialists at Armor Physical Therapy can help you find the postpartum care you need. We offer free screenings that can pinpoint any post-pregnancy issues that are affecting you. In addition, our team excels at constructing post-pregnancy therapy plans designed to improve your ability to move.

Your plan could include therapy techniques like: 

Take the next step to start getting our help. Contact us today for more information about our physical therapy services or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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