Arm pain after a car accident — relief for patients in Battle Creek, MI

Arm Pain After Car Accident

The unpredictable nature and high-impact forces associated with a car accident can result in a wide range of issues for patients dealing with car accidents, including arm pain. Patients who have been in a car accident should always get checked out by a doctor, even if they walk away with little or no pain. Often, by the time more serious symptoms start to develop, the underlying condition has progressed further than if it had been caught early.

This applies to arm pain after a car accident just as much as it does other types of pain. If you are a patient in Battle Creek, Michigan, who is experiencing arm pain after a car accident, Armor Physical Therapy is here to help. By understanding the steps involved in diagnosing and treating your condition, you can take a more confident role in your treatment. 

Our team is always ready to help if you have any questions or just want more information. 

What to do if you have arm pain after a car accident 

The first step is to see a doctor to diagnose the underlying causes of your pain. Doctors are able to perform a physical examination, review your medical history and order diagnostic imagery like an X-ray or MRI if needed. Common causes of arm pain after a car accident include: 

  • Fractures
  • Sprained ligaments
  • Strained muscles
  • Compressed nerves

The exact course of treatment will depend on the diagnosis, but in many cases physical therapy will be a key part of treatment for arm pain related to a car accident. Therapists can help with active and passive techniques that are designed to treat symptoms and address mobility problems affecting the arms and other parts of the body. 

Find the relief you deserve right in Battle Creek, MI

At our clinic in Battle Creek, the Armor PT team can provide one-on-one care to isolate the causes of your arm pain and develop a personalized treatment that’s right for your needs and lifestyle. Depending on your injury, we can help with trigger point therapy, therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and other methods to help you find relief and a return to functioning. 

Start your treatment journey today and contact our caring and dedicated team now to schedule your initial appointment.  

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