What causes sharp pain in the knee that comes and goes?

Sharp Pain in Knee Comes and Goes

Pain in the knee can make it harder to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like walking the dog or playing with the grandkids. Pain that comes and goes at seemingly random intervals can be even harder to deal with than constant pain. 

Knee pain is all too common in the U.S. Researchers report that about 25% of Americans have frequent knee pain. People dealing with sharp pain in their knee that comes and goes are likely wondering what is causing their pain. There are several issues that could be responsible. However, there are two conditions that are likely the cause of this type of pain.

Two issues that can cause sharp pain in the knee that comes and goes

Knee pain can take many forms. It can feel like a dull ache, or it can feel like your knee is being stabbed. There are even certain knee issues that can lead to a sharp pain in the knee that comes and goes seemingly at random. 

Two issues that can cause such an intense and infrequent pain include: 

  1. Meniscus tear — The meniscus is made up of two C-shaped pieces of cartilage in the knee. This structure rests on top of the shinbone, and it’s intended to provide cushioning between it and the thighbone. Sudden stops or changes of direction can cause tears in the meniscus. Studies report that up to 14% of the U.S. population develops a meniscus tear annually. 
  1. Runner’s knee — This issue is also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PPS). It occurs when the tissues under or around the kneecap become irritated and inflamed. Often, runner’s knee is caused by running too much or having poor running form. Medical researchers report that PPS affects about 23% of the U.S. population every year.

Find treatment for sharp pain in the knee that comes and goes at Armor Physical Therapy

You don’t have to search far for treatment for sharp pain in the knee that comes and goes. Our team at Armor Physical Therapy is ready and willing to assist you. We’ll start you off with a free screening, which is designed to pinpoint the root cause of your pain. Then, our therapy specialists will build you an individualized therapy plan intended to reduce your pain.

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