Three reasons you should try virtual physical therapy during COVID quarantine

Virtual Physical Therapy

We’re coming up on the normal cold and flu season. Unfortunately, the U.S. is still struggling to cope with the coronavirus, and it’s been predicted that we could see a spike in COVID cases during this year’s cold and flu season. 

Such a spike could lead states to call for another period of mandatory quarantine. In turn, this could cause problems for people who are seeing a physical therapist regularly. Fortunately, many physical therapy clinics are now offering virtual physical therapy that can help you. 

These three reasons should prompt you to try virtual physical therapy if you can’t go out

Virtual physical therapy, or telePT, is rapidly growing in popularity. In fact, one study reports that 78% of people were interested in receiving virtual care. This type of therapy takes place over a secure online video link, and it allows you to work with a certified physical therapist one-on-one. 

Three reasons you should consider using telePT in the event of another COVID shutdown include: 

  1. You don’t have to leave home — Since telePT is essentially a Zoom-style video call, you won’t have to leave home for it. But you can still ask your physical therapist questions about your condition. They can even show you how to do exercises that can help you. Or your specialist may show you how to do activities in ways that are easier and less painful. 
  1. You can save money — A major concern for people in 2020 has been money. Many people have had to endure long periods out of work. Another quarantine period could make money an even bigger problem. This means that many patients will jump at the lower costs of telePT. One study of telePT reports that patients saved $2,745 on average over traditional physical therapy. 
  1. You’ll likely still be satisfied with your physical therapy — There are multiple studies that show patients who do telePT are typically satisfied with it. One such study reveals that telePT patient satisfaction was 91.2%.

Find the virtual physical therapy you need at Armor Physical Therapy

Not sure where to turn for high-quality virtual physical therapy? Our team at Armor Physical Therapy is proud to offer telePT to our patients. This service allows us to work with patients who have difficulty leaving home, and this includes helping patients who need help with: 

In addition to telePT, our team also offers at-home care. This service is performed by physical therapists who have been screened for COVID, and it allows you to work with your therapist one-on-one in your own home.

Contact us today for more information about our telePT services or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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