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Lower Back and Pelvic Pain

Why do I have both lower back and pelvic pain?

January 9th, 2021

The broad answer is that the lower back and pelvic area are connected by nerves. This means that an issue in one area can cause pain to travel along your nerves and feel like it’s in another area. People with this type of pain are said to have referred pain.  Both lower back and pelvic…

How Long Does Sciatica Last

How long do sciatica symptoms last?

January 1st, 2021

The answer to this question can vary, but generally, acute sciatica symptoms take between one and two weeks to resolve. However, there are factors that can drastically affect how long sciatica symptoms last.  Sciatica occurs when one of the sciatic nerves is being pinched or irritated. This condition can be a short-term issue, but it…

Treating lower back pain with physical therapy exercises

August 13th, 2020

Download Free Guide One of the most common types of pain in adults is lower back pain. It can occur for many reasons, including: Sitting for too long Overexertion in physical activity Incorrect posture when picking things up Traumatic injury Weighing too much Smoking Chronic conditions like arthritis and herniated discs Depending on the cause,…