Why you need physical therapy for spinal stenosis treatment

PT Treatment for Spinal Stenosis

You can expect to encounter some form of back pain at one point or another throughout your life. Back pain can be expected after lifting heavy objects or sitting for long periods of time. Usually, this kind of back pain is minor and can be treated by a few days of rest and home remedies. However, sometimes back pain is the sign of something more serious.

It’s important to seek treatment when your back pain is severe or lasts for longer than a week or two. This kind of pain might be the sign of a serious condition like spinal stenosis. 

What is spinal stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is a condition in which your spinal column grows more narrow. This puts pressure on the nerve running through your spine, which causes pain, numbness and weakness.

Spinal stenosis is associated with osteoarthritis, which is a type of arthritis that wears down the tissue in your bones. It is known to affect both your lower back and upper back. 

If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should visit your physician to check for spinal stenosis:

  • Severe pain in the lower back or neck
  • Numbness in the leg, arm, hand or foot
  • Imbalance and weakness in the legs
  • Bladder and bowel irregularities
  • Pain in the legs that increases when you walk or sit for long periods of time

It’s important to seek treatment from a medical professional when you notice any of these symptoms. Getting treatment early on can help reduce your pain and prevent disability if your problems are being caused by spinal stenosis. In extreme cases, you may need surgery to reduce pressure off the nerve, but most people can find relief through physical therapy.

Treating spinal stenosis with physical therapy

The physical therapists at Armor Physical Therapy are experts in identifying and treating all kinds of conditions, including spinal stenosis. Our treatments for spinal stenosis generally focus on building your strength, flexibility and balance to help reduce your pain and improve your mobility, but ultimately, each treatment is personalized to your needs as an individual.

Are you ready to speak with one of our team members about reducing your back pain related to spinal stenosis or another debilitating condition or injury? Contact us today to discover what our team can do to help you find relief. 

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