What happens if you don’t do physical therapy after knee surgery? Four potential risks

Risks of Avoiding Physical Therapy After Knee Surgery

It doesn’t matter if you find the best orthopedic surgeon in the world and he or she performs your knee surgery flawlessly, once you are discharged, so much of a successful recovery process depends on you. Along with post-operative instructions such as incision care, proper medication usage and returning to normal movement, physical therapy is a common recommendation for patients recovering from knee surgery. 

While you may be feeling good after your procedure and find yourself returning to daily activities quickly, it is crucial to follow through with a physical therapy program. This can be even more true if you are experiencing a slower and more difficult recovery period after knee surgery. 

To stress the importance of physical therapy after surgery, particularly working with a trained and licensed therapist, we’re sharing the following guide. We’re always available to answer questions and we welcome you to contact us at any time. 

Why physical therapy contributes to successful knee surgery outcomes

Patients who skip out on physical therapy after a knee surgery may be exposing themselves to a greater risk of the following: 

  1. Slowing down the healing process — It takes time to heal after any surgery, no matter how minimally invasive the procedure is. Physical therapy helps to get muscles moving and blood flowing, which can promote healing in the surgical site. 
  2. Reinjuring the knee — Patients often need movement training after surgery to learn how to move the knee properly; otherwise there is a risk of reinjury. This is especially true if a knee problem has been ongoing for years.  
  3. Compensatory injury — Similarly, changes in knee movements after a procedure can put additional stress on other areas of the body, from the ankles, to the hips and lower back. Physical therapists can help you address these problems to avoid imbalances in your kinetic chain. 
  4. Requiring a follow-up surgery — Possibly the worst-case scenario is requiring a follow-up surgery due to tearing the knee or other region. Physical therapy can help to strengthen the body and lower the risk of needing additional surgery in the future. 


Physical therapy after knee surgery with the experts at Armor 

At Armor Physical Therapy, our expert team can help you develop an effective plan based on your unique treatment history and the specific procedure you had performed. We want to help you have a successful surgical outcome so you can get back to the people and activities you love. 

To learn more, contact us today. We’ll help you schedule your initial appointment whether you have an upcoming knee surgery or you’ve already undergone the procedure.

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