Three benefits of treating spinal stenosis with physical therapy

Spinal Stenosis Treatment

If you need spinal stenosis treatment, then knowing where to turn can be tough. But, you can always turn to the team at Armor Physical Therapy.

The team at Armor Physical therapy is always here to help you. Indeed our goal is to help you regain the highest possible level of independence you can. To do this, we use a therapy process that begins with an initial evaluation. During this evaluation, we’ll sit down with you and determine exactly how your spinal stenosis is affecting you. This information will allow us to build a spinal stenosis treatment plan for you that may have several positive effects on your life.

Positive effects of spinal stenosis treatment from Armor Physical Therapy

You may not really believe that spinal stenosis treatment can positively affect your life. However, physical therapy from our team may make you think again. Indeed, our team will work diligently to help you achieve positive effects from every treatment session.

There are in fact several positive effects that our treatment may have for you. One positive effect it may have is that it may help to make the movements of your spinal joints more natural. This is important because unnatural movement of your spinal joints tends to increase as you age.

Our treatment plan may also help increase the circulation of fluid in your spinal joints. Proper fluid circulation is important for cushioning your joints. If your joints are being cushioned properly, then you may feel less discomfort from your spinal stenosis.

A third positive effect our treatment may have is improving the strength of your spinal muscles. Improving your spinal muscle strength is vital if you want to achieve the first two positive effects. This is because these muscles help hold everything in your spine in its proper alignment.

All these positive effects are possible thanks to the physical therapy methods included in our treatment plans. Some of the therapy methods we may include in your plan include:

  • Strengthening exercises
  • Manual therapy
  • Muscle strengthening techniques
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Education on proper posture

By combining these therapy methods, we can create a plan that may help you achieve these three positive effects. Indeed, we may even be able to increase your independence to levels you may not have thought were possible.

If you’re ready to start a spinal stenosis treatment that may help you, contact our team at Armor Physical Therapy today.

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