Three benefits of a running gait analysis

Running Gait Analysis

Do you feel pain while you’re running or after you run? Does your stride just feel a little off? If you said yes to one or both of these questions, you should consider having a running gait analysis from a physical therapist. 

Your gait is the way your body moves as you run or walk, and it can have significant effects on your running performance. Problems with your gait can also lead to running-related injuries. In fact, gait issues could cause you to be one of the up to 79% of people who develop a running injury at some point. Luckily, a physical therapist can perform a running gait analysis that can offer you many benefits. 

Having a running gait analysis can lead to these three benefits

A running gait analysis, or gait evaluation, typically involves running for a few minutes on a treadmill. Often, you’ll have sensors attached to you, and your physical therapist will observe how you’re moving as you run. They may even record your analysis so that you can view it later. This tool allows your physical therapists to offer you three important benefits: 

  1. Identifying gait issues — It’s almost impossible to improve your stride and reduce injury risk if you don’t know what issues you have. A gait evaluation allows your physical therapist to identify which underlying issue or issues are affecting your gait. Such issues can include: 
  1. Preventing more serious running injuries — A gait evaluation can also be the first step toward preventing more serious running injuries. Often, minor gait issues can lead to injuries if left unchecked. For instance, having your knees too straight when your feet strike the ground can put extra pressure on all your knee structures. Over time, this added pressure can lead to issues like patellofemoral syndrome. 
  1. Improving running performance — Gait evaluations can be a jumping-off point for performance improvements. After all, a better running gait puts less stress on your body. This stress reduction can help you feel less tired as you run, and in turn, you may be able to run farther and faster than ever before. 

Armor Physical Therapy offers running gait analysis services

Are you looking for a place to have a running gait analysis? Our team at Armor Physical Therapy has experience performing this service for both professional and recreational runners. We can do a free screening to assess the movement of your joints and other lower body structures. 

Then, our specialists will have you run on a treadmill while we take high-speed video of your gait, and we’ll use our expertise to identify any gait issues you might have. Additionally, our team can build you a personalized therapy plan designed to address gait problems, reduce pain and prevent future injuries. 

Contact us today for more information about our gait evaluation service or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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