The basics about tension headaches in the back of the head

Tension Headache in Back of Head

An article published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016 shows how common headaches are. This article reports that about half of the global adult population had a headache in 2016, and it’s not likely that this statistic has changed much. One way you can deal with the tension headaches that start at the back of your head more effectively is to know more about them. Here is some basic information that can help you better understand these headaches: 

What is a tension headache?

Tension headaches that begin in the back of the head are a type of headache where you may feel dull pain, tightness and pressure. Often, these symptoms are not just felt in your head. They can also appear in your neck, shoulders and jaw. In many cases, tension headaches only occur once in a while, but they can develop into a long-term issue depending on what’s causing them. 

What causes tension headaches?

There are several factors that can cause tightness in the back of the head that leads to a tension headache. The biggest factor that causes this type of headache is typically stress. When you get stressed, you tend to tense muscles in your neck called the suboccipital muscles; these muscles are located at the back of the head where it meets the neck. Tension in these muscles can be the source of your tension headache.

Another factor that can lead to tension headaches is poor head and neck posture. A head-forward posture often happens to people when they spend long hours on the computer or looking down at their cellphone. This posture places more strain on the neck muscles. The additional strain can lead to muscle pain and tension, and these symptoms can make tension headaches more likely. 

How do tension headaches make you feel?

As mentioned above, tension headaches that start in the back of the head typically cause pain, tightness and pressure. People often report that this type of headache feels like a band around the head, and tension headaches often tend to occur later in the day. However, these symptoms aren’t the only ones you might have to deal with. 

Another symptom often caused by tension headaches is a mild sensitivity to light or sound. Many people with this form of headache can also feel fatigued, but they may have increased trouble falling or staying asleep. It’s also common for tension headache sufferers to be more irritable than usual. 

What is an effective treatment option for tension headaches?

There are many options that can help treat a tension headache that starts in the back of the head, but physical therapy is one option that can both treat and prevent these headaches. 

One place you can find physical therapy for your tension headaches is Armor Physical Therapy. Our team offers free screenings, and this service can help pinpoint the root cause of your headaches. With this information, our therapy specialists can design a therapy plan for you that can treat your current headache, and this plan may also be useful at preventing future headaches. Your personalized therapy plan will include multiple beneficial therapy techniques, such as the following: 

Don’t wait to begin getting our help for your tension headaches. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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