How long does a shoulder sprain take to heal (and how do you speed up your recovery time)?

shoulder sprain recovery time

Though common, shoulder sprains can be injuries that significantly impact your life. One major symptom of this injury is shoulder pain. This occurs when ligaments in the shoulder are stretched or even torn. As you recover, your sprain can lead to stiffness and limited mobility. The shoulder ligaments are tough tissue bands that connect bones to bones. When a ligament is damaged, it also affects the joint movement.

For those who play sports, a shoulder sprain can keep you off the field for weeks during recovery. Others can also be drastically affected by this injury. Daily physical activities required by jobs or hobbies may no longer be possible during recovery. If you are suffering from a shoulder sprain, you may be wondering how long it will take to recover. You might also want to speed the process up. Though the answer for how long it will take to recover can vary, there are steps you can take to minimize recovery time.

Average shoulder sprain recovery time

There is no universal shoulder sprain recovery time. The time needed to make a full recovery depends largely on the severity of the injury. Someone might be able to recover from a mild sprain within one to two weeks, but a more severe sprain may require up to eight weeks or more. Other factors can also play a role in determining recovery time.

  • Age — Age can play a role in determining recovery time. Generally, younger people tend to heal faster than older individuals. That being said, everyone should treat the recovery process with care. The ligaments in your shoulder are especially vulnerable to being reinjured during this period.
  • Health — Health is another important factor in recovery time. If your overall health is good, you may be able to recover at an accelerated pace. By improving your overall health now, you can help speed up the recovery process and reduce the likelihood of future injury.
  • Treatment — Proper treatment is one of the most important factors in shoulder sprain recovery time. On the flip side, improper treatment or risky behavior can impede recovery progress and even lead to more severe injury. It is important to stay away from high-impact activities during the recovery process. Keeping to safe activities and obtaining proper treatment and care can help significantly reduce recovery time.

How to speed up shoulder sprain recovery time

If you are looking to speed up your recovery time, there are several steps you can take. Being proactive in finding treatment solutions can be a great benefit. It is also important to keep in mind that these treatment options are not mutually exclusive. Applying multiple treatment methods simultaneously can create a synergy that boosts your shoulder sprain recovery time.

  • Medication — Over-the-counter medications can help alleviate symptoms in the short term. Pain relievers may be helpful to keep your pain levels manageable during the most intense periods of recovery. Anti-inflammatory medications can also help reduce symptoms. These do not speed up shoulder sprain recovery time in and of themselves but can be used to provide temporary relief while you apply other solutions.
  • Rest — Rest is crucial for practically any healing process. The stretched or torn ligaments in your shoulder need time to mend themselves. Avoiding activities that cause pain or discomfort is important so that you do not accidentally do more damage to your ligaments.
  • Physical therapy Physical therapy includes a wide range of specialized techniques that can improve injury recovery time. Your physical therapy specialists may work with you to build a personalized exercise program designed to help with recovery. Exercises for shoulder pain relief can help alleviate the symptoms of your shoulder sprain and help to restore your motion.

Armor Physical Therapy can help speed up your shoulder sprain recovery time

Ready to recover from your shoulder sprain as soon as possible? At Armor Physical Therapy, our team of expert physical therapy specialists are ready to assist you. We can work with you to evaluate your shoulder sprain and build an individualized treatment plan designed to meet your recovery goals. 

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