How Do Physical Therapy and Sports Psychology Work Together?

Physical Therapy and Sports Psychology

Many athletes are tuned to the needs of their body for staying at a competitive level, but do you ever think of your mind? Competing takes a great mental toll as well as a physical one, so athletes of all levels should consider the benefits of sports psychology.

Who needs sports psychology?

Athletes might seek help from a sports psychologist for help in getting over a mental hurdle that is impeding performance or for temper issues. However, sports psychology is not just for athletes with a problem. It is a viable component of any athlete’s sports performance training.

Plus, the results of sports psychology treatments are effective off the field too. The mental techniques your sports psychologist helps you develop can be useful at work or home.

Sports psychology helps athletes with:

  • Pressure – Athletes of all levels experience stress. Whether it’s from thousands of fans, a coach or a parent, sports psychology can help you relax under pressure.
  • Performance – Sports psychologists help athletes develop techniques that improve focus and relaxation to help enhance athletic potential.
  • Love of the game – Getting too mixed up in competition and being the best can affect an athlete’s mental health. Sports psychologists can help athletes enjoy the game again and improve their self-esteem levels.

What role does physical therapy play in sports psychology

One part of sports psychology that is important is developing a regular physical routine to help athletes with motivation and reaching goals. Plus, an athlete who has been injured and feeling down will benefit from recovering in an active manner that helps get him or her back in the game quicker.

At Armor Physical Therapy, we offer rehabilitative services that help athletes of all levels recover from injuries and improve their level of competition. Whether part of your sports psychology therapy or on its own, physical therapy can help athletes with:

  • Developing proper techniques for certain activities, like your golf swing or your baseball pitch
  • Improving stride
  • Preventing injury and more

Are you an athlete who wants to improve your game? Contact us to speak with a team member at Armor Physical Therapy about the different ways that physical therapy can help you.

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