Four benefits of finding in-home physical therapy near you

in home physical therapy services near me

Life with aches and pains from a chronic condition or injury is difficult. It’s hard to enjoy many of your favorite activities, and it’s challenging to do simple things like getting dressed or taking a shower. One way many people deal with aches and pains is physical therapy. 

Physical therapy is a very effective treatment in helping reduce pain and improving range of motion without relying on medication or invasive techniques. However, it’s challenging for some people to get the physical therapy they need because they can’t travel. Some injuries and conditions make it unsafe for someone to travel, and during times of social distancing, you might not want to leave your home.

Our team at Armor Physical Therapy believes these challenges shouldn’t keep you from getting the treatment you need. That’s why we offer in-home physical therapy services for people who cannot travel to receive treatment.

Four benefits of in-home physical therapy near you

If you’re looking for treatment for your aches and pains, consider these four benefits of in-home physical therapy offered in your area:

  1. Convenience — In-home physical therapy is very convenient for patients like you. All you need to do is make sure you’re ready for your appointment time, wear loose-fitting clothing, and have an open and clean space.
  2. Safety — Since it might be dangerous for you to travel with your condition, in-home physical therapy eliminates the risk of you being on the road. It also helps reduce your risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Our physical therapists are always screened at the beginning of every shift to ensure they are healthy before visiting patients like you.
  3. Efficiency — In-home physical therapy can be used to treat the same conditions that our team treats with in-clinic appointments. Some treatment methods might look a little different than they would in the clinic, but our physical therapists can bring most of the equipment they need for your treatment to your home. In-home physical therapy doesn’t cut corners; it provides you with the same high-quality level of care you would expect in one of our clinics.
  4. Coverage — In-home physical therapy is covered by Medicare and most major insurance plans for those who qualify. Talk to your insurance provider or our staff for assistance in finding out if your plan covers you for in-home physical therapy. 

Contact Armor Physical Therapy for in-home physical therapy services in your area

Are you looking for help with aches and pains but can’t leave your home to get treatment? Don’t worry, our team will come to you. Contact our team today for more information about in-home physical therapy in your area or to schedule an initial appointment.

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