Why should you go through a work conditioning/hardening program after a work injury?

Work Hardening Program

If you work a physically intensive job, it can cause wear and tear on your body, which may lead to an injury. This is not uncommon, as there are nearly 2.9 million workplace injuries every year. If you’re among the millions of Americans who have been injured on the job, Armor Physical Therapy can help you recover and avoid sustaining an additional injury at work. 

Have you injured yourself at work? If so, the work conditioning/hardening program at Armor Physical Therapy is tailored to the needs of the patient and the job demands they will return to. 

What is a work conditioning/hardening program? 

This is an intensive physical conditioning program that focuses on key components of cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and strength, as well as work simulated activities to promote a safe return to work. 

What will the program include?

A typical day will include aerobic activity to promote cardiovascular training, stamina, and circulation to help with healing and stress management. Stretching and mobility activities are included to address range-of-motion limitations and to minimize stress on noninjured body parts during conditioning. Modalities and manual therapy will be provided as needed. Strengthening and/or stabilization exercises are tailored toward the specific injury.  

The program also will incorporate functional work-simulated activities to aid in return to work. A session is designed specifically for a worker based on their job goals and requirements. We also work to provide all patients with the tools necessary to manage any potential flare-ups, should they occur, and to continue with a physical conditioning plan upon completion of the program.   

Armor Physical Therapy is ready to help you get back on the job

Work injuries are often frustrating and make your job difficult or even impossible to perform. If you’ve been injured at work, Armor Physical Therapy is ready to help. We are prepared to treat your work injury and reduce the pain or discomfort you’re experiencing. Our team of expert physical therapists can guide you through a personalized work conditioning/hardening program according to the demands of your job. 

Contact our team today for more information about how a work hardening program can help you, or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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