What are the causes of knee pain?

knee pain causes

There are many causes of knee pain, including acute injury, medical conditions like arthritis and chronic overuse. Depending on the cause of the knee pain, the severity of the pain for everyone can vary, ranging from a mild ache to debilitating pain. Other symptoms that accompany knee pain often include redness and swelling, along with difficulty bearing weight, walking and extending the knee. To learn when you should see a doctor for the causes of your knee pain, read the following article. 

When to visit a doctor for the causes of your knee pain

A medical professional should evaluate any knee pain that becomes severe and doesn’t dissipate after a few days in order to avoid the condition from worsening. This may include symptoms, such as: 

  • Pain, redness and swelling in conjunction with a fever
  • An inability to bear weight on the knee
  • A deformity in your leg or knee
  • Severe knee pain associated with an injury

In order to diagnose your knee pain, a doctor will first take a detailed medical history to understand how long you have been experiencing your condition, the level of your pain and the factors that aggravate your symptoms. Next, an examination will be performed to check your range of motion and stability as well as evaluate your redness and swelling. An X-ray, MRI or CT scan may also be performed to come to a definitive diagnosis for the causes of your knee pain. 

Treating the causes of knee pain with Armor Physical Therapy

Depending on the causes of your knee pain and the severity of your symptoms, your doctor may recommend physical therapy to ease your condition. At Armor Physical Therapy, our musculoskeletal experts are here to help. We have comprehensive orthopedic and sports physical therapy clinics around the Michigan area that are dedicated to performing hands-on therapy designed to improve your knee mobility and reduce your pain.

To get started, contact the dedicated team at Armor Physical Therapy today. We can help you set up your initial appointment so you can recapture your quality of life from your condition.

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