Why you should visit a physical therapist for postpartum therapy

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Pregnancy and delivery take quite a toll on your body. Many women are aware that carrying around the extra weight of pregnancy can negatively affect the body.

However, you might not be aware of just how difficult it can be to recover your ability to move normally after pregnancy. Our physical therapists offer postpartum therapy that can help rehabilitate your body after pregnancy. 

What issues can postpartum therapy help treat?

Some women are fortunate enough to experience few to no difficulties after childbirth because the body is equipped for recovery. But many women may suffer from several minor to moderate postpartum issues.

After delivering a child, your pelvic muscles and ligaments can become torn and stretched. These muscles and ligaments are needed to support your body. When they become damaged, it can be difficult and painful to resume many of your pre-pregnancy activities. Additionally, a C-section surgery may create weakness in the ab muscles, which may then need to be restored after giving birth. You can find help for such issues from a physical therapist. 

Other post-pregnancy issues that postpartum therapy can help treat include:

If you’re pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or have recently given birth, you may want to speak with a physical therapist about your options to restore your body after giving birth.

What therapy methods are used in postpartum therapy?

Physical therapists can help you develop a postpartum therapy plan. Each treatment plan is personalized and depends on the needs and condition of the patient. Whether you’ve had a smooth or difficult childbirth, our physical therapists can provide helpful therapy for you.

Your physical therapist can use several different therapy techniques in your rehab plan. Some of the techniques they might use include: 

  • Manual therapy — This category of therapy involves therapists mobilizing and manipulating soft tissue with their hands. Manual therapy is often called hands-on therapy for this reason. 
  • Therapeutic exercises — Your physical therapist can show you many exercises. Some will be designed to improve strength in the pelvic area. Others can help build strength in your core or back. Often, physical therapists will combine therapeutic exercises into a plan you can do at home. 
  • Graston Technique® — This is a type of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. It involves physical therapists moving special metal tools over the injured area. The tools allow them to apply more therapeutic pressure to the area than they could with their hands alone. Typically, this technique is used to break up scar tissue in healing muscles.

Armor Physical Therapy offers postpartum therapy

Are you experiencing pain related to childbirth? Our caring team at Armor Physical Therapy offers postpartum therapy designed to help you with your recovery. We’ll start by performing a free screening designed to pinpoint the issues affecting you. Then, our physical therapists will construct a personalized therapy plan for you that’s intended to reduce pain and improve function. 

Can’t make it into one of our therapy clinics? No problem! We offer several therapy options that you can use from home, including virtual therapy and at-home care sessions. You can even begin using our therapy services without waiting to get a doctor’s referral. 

Contact us today for more information about the women’s health services we offer or to schedule your free screening. 

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