Treating degenerative disc disease with physical therapy

Degenerative Disc Treatment

You may not know anything about why you need degenerative disc treatment. You may not even know exactly where you can find treatment for this condition.

If you’re looking for answers, the Armor Physical Therapy team is always here to help you. We’ve made it our mission to offer great physical therapy to the people of Holland, Michigan. To do this, we always start your therapy with an initial evaluation. This first appointment will allow us to figure out how your degenerated discs are affecting you. Once we have this information, our team will build you a degenerative disc treatment plan that may help you in several ways.

Ways our degenerative disc treatment plans may help you

Before you begin your degenerative disc treatment, it may help you to know something about this condition. A degenerated disc is what occurs when your spinal joints wear down and lose their normal height. This degeneration of your discs can be the result of several things.

One reason your discs may degenerate is simply due to your body’s natural aging process. A second reason that this may happen is your genetics. You may also experience this condition thanks to an untreated injury to your spine. No matter what causes your degenerated disc or discs, this is a condition that can’t be cured.

However, our treatment plans may help you live with this condition in several different ways. Some of the ways that a Armor Physical Therapy treatment plan may help you include:

  • Improving your spinal joint flexibility
  • Increasing your core muscle strength
  • Reducing the pain of your condition
  • Helping you improve your posture

By helping you in all these ways, our treatment plans may ultimately help you to live a more productive life with degenerated discs.

Want to know more about our degenerative disc treatment? Are you ready to schedule your initial evaluation? Contact the team at Armor Physical Therapy today.

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