Treating a lower back pain in Mattawan, MI

Treating Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common condition among Americans that affects the lower part of the spine. Most people experience lower back pain at some point in their life as a result of strenuous activities, injuries, infections or even aging. There are many options for treating back pain in Mattawan, Michigan, including surgery, complementary therapies and basic lifestyle improvements.

Physical therapy as a treatment option for lower back pain

Physical therapy for back pain helps to improve the function and movement of your joints and muscles. If you have a lower back pain, physical therapy can help alleviate the pain and help you get back to your normal mobility. Our physical therapists in Mattawan use a wide range of treatment techniques to help with back pains of various types including:

  • Lower back pain triggered by degenerative disc disease
  • Sciatica
  • Nonspecific back pain
  • Spinal stenosis

If you are experiencing a lower back pain that doesn’t ease after five to ten days, then it could be worth seeking assistance from a physical therapist. Our team of professional therapists in Mattawan focus on helping you restore normal body movement after an injury or illness. We will assess how the bones, muscles and nerves in your back are affected and devise a combination of exercises and manual therapies to help you recover.

Our physical therapy approach

Our physical therapists start by obtaining a detailed medical history of your condition, lifestyle and previous medication. We further assess your symptoms to identify what triggers your problems. Next, we perform a physical examination of your back. If necessary, we also do a neurological assessment to check how your nerves are functioning. At this point, we recommend a treatment plan and explain how it can help your lower back pain. If the recommended option suits your needs, then we can initiate treatment and you will be on the path to recovery. Most treatment options include a combination of:

  • Active therapies

Active therapies refer to movements or exercises that you do to improve strength, mobility and flexibility of the lower back. Our physical therapists will recommend a combination of aerobic exercises, stretching exercises and strengthening exercises that will strengthen your core muscles.

  • Manual therapies

Depending on your condition, we include some hands-on therapy techniques in your back pain treatment program. These include gentle massage and spinal mobilization to ease your back pain.

A long-term outlook at Armor Physical Therapy

The improvement in functionality and back pain relief you get with our physical therapy treatment will help you resume your normal activities. It will also minimize the risk of long-term back problems and recurrent back pain.

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