Three sports injury types treatable in Mattawan, MI

Types of Sports Injuries Treated

Amateur sports are a popular way for adults to increase their activity levels. However, playing sports can also lead to many types of injuries. You can find treatment in Mattawan, Michigan, for three specific types of sports injuries. 

1.   Head injuries

One type of sports injury that’s common in Mattawan is head injuries. People playing high-contact sports like football, rugby and soccer are at higher risk of concussions. Concussions occur when violent head movement causes the brain to run into the inside of the skull. This condition can lead to symptoms like headaches, dizziness, loss of memory and more. Many of these symptoms can last for days or weeks after the initial injury. With physical therapy, many concussion symptoms can be effectively treated right here in town.

2.   Shoulder injuries

Physical therapy can also be used to treat shoulder injuries. This includes treating repetitive motion injuries like rotator cuff tears. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons in the shoulder, and their job is to keep the upper arm bone firmly seated in the shoulder socket. For people who play basketball and tennis, the repetitive overhead motions these sports require can put you at increased risk of a rotator cuff tear. However, physical therapy can help promote faster healing in this structure and help you get back on the court faster. 

3.   Lower body injuries

Lower body injuries are another type of sports injury common for Mattawan residents. One example of this type of injury would be an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear. ACL tears are typically caused by sudden stops or changes of direction, which means they’re common when playing sports like soccer. Jumping and landing can also lead to this type of injury, and this means basketball players are also particularly susceptible to ACL tears. If you tear an ACL, you may hear a “pop” in your knee, and that’s typically followed by severe pain.  

Treat these three types of sports injuries in Mattawan, MI, with help from Armor Physical Therapy

These and other types of sports injuries are no match for the team at Armor Physical Therapy in Mattawan. We’ll begin your treatment process with a one-on-one screening, and this helps us determine how you’ve been injured and how the injury is affecting you. Then, we’ll build you a personalized treatment plan. Your plan may include therapy techniques such as: 

Don’t wait to get our help with your sports injury. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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