Looking For spinal stenosis treatment in Holland, Michigan?

spinal stenosis treatment

If you live in Holland, Michigan, you may think spinal stenosis treatment will be hard to find. But, it’s actually much easier to find than you think.

At Armor Physical Therapy, we can help you with physical therapy for your spinal stenosis. In fact, every member of our staff at the 601 Michigan Ave., Suite 220 office is ready to make this the best physical therapy experience you’ve ever had. The first step in your therapy experience will be an initial evaluation. This evaluation will help us determine how your spinal stenosis is affecting you. With this information, we’ll build you a physical therapy plan that may have lots of benefits for you. Indeed, there are many therapy methods that we may include in your spinal stenosis treatment plan.

Physical therapies we may use in your spinal stenosis treatment

Building the best spinal stenosis treatment for you is important to us at Armor Physical Therapy. However, we also want to be sure that you understand what spinal stenosis is.

Spinal stenosis is a condition that typically occurs with spinal arthritis. Specifically, it involves the narrowing of your central spinal canal. It may also include narrowing in your foramen. The foramen are the canals where your nerves exit your spine to go into your legs. Both of these forms of narrowing are a natural result of your body’s aging process.

Although we can’t reverse or cure this condition, our team can help you find beneficial therapies to treat it. Some of the therapies that we may use in your treatment include:

  • Stretching exercises
  • Muscle strengthening techniques
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Manual therapy
  • Education to improve your posture

By combining these therapies, we can build you a therapy plan that may reduce your pain. This reduction in pain may also make living with spinal stenosis easier on a daily basis.

Now that you know a little bit about what spinal stenosis is and how we may treat it, we want to help you get started with your treatment in Holland, Michigan. The easiest way to get started with spinal stenosis treatment is to contact the Armor Physical Therapy team now.

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