Is arthritis a disability?

Is Arthritis a Disability

There are many conditions that force people to stop working or to work less. One of the most common of these conditions is arthritis. 

It’s projected that 67 million Americans will be diagnosed with arthritis by 2025. Furthermore, U.S. health officials report that arthritis limits the daily activities of 24 million adults. Figuring out if your arthritis can be considered disabling can be a difficult process. Also, if you’re trying to avoid being placed on arthritis disability, a physical therapist may be able to help you. 

Who determines if your arthritis is a disability?

There will be multiple parties involved in the disability process. Your primary care doctor will need to document your symptoms and treatment progress frequently. A rheumatologist may be involved as well, since they’re specialists in conditions like arthritis. 

Additionally, members of the Social Security Administration (SSA) will have to review your medical documentation. They will also come up with an evaluation process for you, and this is designed to reveal the extent to which you’re disabled. Such evaluations often look at your ability to do normal daily activities like: 

  • Walking up and down stairs.
  • Walking for long periods of time.
  • Standing and sitting.
  • Grasping small objects with your fingers. 
  • Holding your arms up unaided. 
  • Lifting objects that weigh 10 pounds or more. 

How can physical therapists help keep arthritis from disabling you?

Helping patients reduce their level of disability is a key goal of physical therapy for arthritis. Your physical therapist can perform tests to determine your joint range of motion. They can also check your joint function and pain levels. 

Then, they can create a therapy plan for you that could include techniques like: 

  • At-home care appointments where you work with your physical therapist in your home. 
  • Virtual therapy sessions that involve working with your physical therapist over a secure online video link. 

Find effective help for arthritis at Armor Physical Therapy

Hoping to avoid being disabled by arthritis? Our team at Armor Physical Therapy is ready and willing to help you meet this goal. Our physical therapists can do a free screening to learn the specifics about your arthritis. Then, they’ll create a personalized therapy plan for you that could include all the techniques mentioned above. Our team can even start helping you treat arthritis if you don’t have a doctor’s referral. 

Contact us today for more information about our arthritis therapy services or to schedule your initial appointment. 

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