Improving your ability to live independently with stroke rehab

Stroke Rehab

High blood pressure. Diabetes. High cholesterol. Obesity. Are you dealing with any of these common health issues? If you are, then it’s also more likely that you could have a stroke.

Strokes occur when there is a loss of blood flow to the brain. Unfortunately, it’s reported that strokes are the fourth leading cause of death among U.S. adults. Fortunately, people who have had a stroke can find effective rehabilitation from a physical therapist. In fact, these specialists can help improve your post-stroke independence in several ways.

Three ways stroke rehab can improve post-stroke independence

A stroke commonly leads to paralysis in all or parts of one side of the body. It can also affect the balance and coordination centers of the brain. Both of these issues can make staying independent more difficult. 

A physical therapist can evaluate your specific post-stroke needs. They can then create a stroke rehab plan that’s designed to improve your ability to be independent by: 

  1. Increasing your ability to move — Your physical therapist can use therapeutic exercises to increase your ability to move and remain as independent as possible. Some exercises can help maintain muscle tone in limbs that are paralyzed after a stroke. As you recover, your physical therapist can show you exercises designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles you use during common daily activities. 
  1. Helping you learn about assistive devices — Assistive devices can be helpful for helping stroke patients increase their independence. Walkers and wheelchairs can help you get around on your own. Other devices can help you do normal activities like go to the bathroom or grab items more effectively. A physical therapist can educate you on how to use specific assistive devices that can boost your independence. 
  1. Improving your balance — A fall can easily injure anyone, and stroke patients are very likely to fall. One study reveals that 14% of stroke patients report falling during the first month after their stroke. Balance training from a physical therapist can help decrease this risk. In fact, it’s reported that balance training helped reduce falls among older people by 37%. 

Find effective stroke rehab at Armor Physical Therapy in Battle Creek, MI

Are you or someone you know in need of effective stroke rehab? Our team at Armor Physical Therapy in Battle Creek, Michigan, can help you find a rehab plan that can help increase post-stroke independence. We can evaluate your specific needs after you’ve had a stroke, and this allows our physical therapists to build you an individualized therapy plan to fit your needs. 

Can’t come to us for help? That’s OK! Our specialists can help you get post-stroke care from home thanks to our virtual therapy and at-home care services. Additionally, you don’t have to have a doctor’s referral to start getting therapy from us. 

Contact us today for more information on how we can assist with stroke recovery or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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