Have you tried physical therapy for your migraine?

Have You Tried Physical Therapy for Your Migraine?

Have you tried everything to relieve the pain from your migraine?  By now you’ve probably tried isolation in a dark room, sunglasses at work to block out fluorescents, over-the-counter and even prescribed medication, and cold presses on the back of your neck. The headaches won’t stop; they keep coming back, and you aren’t sure what’s left to try. Chronic migraines and tension headaches are debilitating, and they keep you from doing what you love. But they don’t have to.

Physical therapy can help. Often the cause of tension headaches and chronic migraines is located in your neck where a large number of nerve endings lie. If one is pinched or damaged, the pain radiates up and into your head. By treating the root cause of the migraine, the actual injury, you can reduce or even eliminate the pain.

Keep a migraine journal

Start by keeping a migraine journal. Keep track of the stressors, the food, the activities, and even the weather that lead up to your migraine. Journal what works to relieve symptoms and what doesn’t. This will provide both you and your physical therapist with vital information to take into consideration when mapping out your individualized treatment plan.

Physical therapy for migraines

Never assume that your neck pain and migraine are connected. Instead, seek the advice of a physical therapist to diagnose the pain and determine the best course of action. Our specialist at Armor Physical Therapy can help. Once it is determined that the cause of your migraine originates from upper vertebrae issues, we’ll create a treatment plan to strengthen the muscles and flexibility of your neck. You’ll be equipped with ways to improve your posture throughout the day to avoid retriggering another round of migraines.

Don’t put off seeking physical therapy for your migraine. If the root of the problem is in your neck, the longer you wait the more the problem will escalate. It’s time to take back your life. Contact us today to set up your initial appointment if you are ready to say goodbye to chronic migraines and rejoin family and friends in the daily activities you love.

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