Four types of physical therapy you’ll find in Kalamazoo, MI

Going through life with chronic or acute pain can be difficult and frustrating. Are you interested in reducing your symptoms from a wide variety of conditions? Finding a physical therapy provider in Kalamazoo, Michigan, may be your next step toward relief. 

There are many types of physical therapy. The right kind of physical therapy for you will depend on your medical history and the condition being treated. In Kalamazoo you can find a variety of different treatments being offered. 

Four types of physical therapy in Kalamazoo: 

  1. Manual therapy — This technique is a form of hands-on treatment for the soft tissue and joints. Not only can it help reduce pain and inflammation, manual therapy can also increase your range of motion and help mobilize injured joints. 
  2. Therapeutic exercise — A physical therapist can show you the correct exercises to help treat many different conditions. By strengthening the muscles, you take pressure off your joints. This can reduce strain on the areas causing pain. It can also improve your posture and restore flexibility to your body. 
  3. Redcord / Neuromuscular reeducation Redcord is a suspension-based technique effective in muscular rehabilitation. The suspension activates the debilitated muscles, which essentially resets the muscles. This method can help muscular imbalances regardless of age or condition. 
  4. IASTM / Graston Technique®IASTM stands for instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. The Graston Technique is a kind of IASTM. It is effective in treating soft tissue injuries by breaking down collagen and stretching the tissue. This proven method uses a specialized set of stainless steel tools to rub the affected area. This reduces inflammation and can help manage soft tissue pain. 

Armor PT is prepared to meet your physical therapy needs in Kalamazoo

Are you dealing with chronic pain or recovering from an injury or an operation? Armor Physical Therapy is ready to help you recover. Our expert physical therapists in Kalamazoo are trained in a variety of effective techniques. We offer free screenings that can help determine the right treatment for you.

Contact us today for more information about the kinds of physical therapy offered in Kalamazoo, or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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