At-home physical therapy treatments

At-Home Physical Therapy Treatments

When most people think of physical therapy, they probably think of in-office sessions with a clinician who performs stretches and movements with the patient. While this is indeed a key part of most treatment programs, did you know that at-home treatments are also typically recommended?

During in-office physical therapy appointments, your therapist will perform a number of treatments that are designed to promote strength and improve range of motion in the injured part of the body. However, physical therapy can and should be practiced on a daily basis as part of a long-term treatment plan.  

Take a moment to read over the following overview of how a physical therapist can instruct you on at-home treatments and exercises. We encourage you to reach out with any questions or to learn more about how we can help.

How a physical therapist can instruct you on at-home treatments

The exact recommendations for at-home physical therapy will depend on your diagnosis and other factors like your medical history and activity level. This is why it is always important to seek out a health care professional such as a physical therapist and never self-diagnose or treat an injury yourself. Improperly performing an exercise or administering the wrong treatment could have the potential to worsen your symptoms.  

Here are some of the methods a physical therapist may give you instruction on:

  • Stretching exercises — Performing gentle stretches at home can help increase your range of motion.
  • Strength and stability exercises — Supplementing your in-clinic sessions with the same types of exercises at home can increase the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Aerobic exercise — Aerobic conditioning is an important part of overall health and can have benefits for a physical therapy program. However, aerobics can generally be performed outside the office.
  • Lifestyle recommendations — Your physical therapist can instruct you on ergonomic recommendations and steps you can take to improve your posture and movement as you go through your everyday activities.

Effective physical therapy treatment is almost always a holistic affair that involves working with your therapist not only in the clinic, but to make it a part of your everyday life. By doing this, you can develop a stronger, more functional body that is less prone to pain and injury no matter what health condition is causing you to seek treatment.

Armor Physical Therapy is here to help

Armor Physical Therapy is a comprehensive physical therapy provider with clinics in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Plainwell, Portage and Mattawan, Michigan. Whether you’re trying to overcome pain, get back to work or just be able to have more fun, our orthopedic experts can help you on your treatment journey. We’re built around delivering personalized care and collaborative treatment plans that are designed for long-term wellness and functionality.

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