Physical therapists can help arthritis pain sufferers in several ways


Joint pain and stiffness. Swollen and inflamed joints. Difficulty doing normal daily tasks like walking the dog. These are just a few of the effects that people with arthritis typically deal with. 

Arthritis is a category of joint conditions that cause inflammation, pain and stiffness. To date, researchers have identified more than 100 types of arthritis. Unfortunately, arthritis is also a common issue in the U.S. Research studies report that more than 54 million Americans have some form of arthritis. One effective treatment option for arthritis pain sufferers is physical therapy. 

How can physical therapy help arthritis pain sufferers?

Arthritis pain can be miserable and debilitating for those who suffer from it, and unfortunately, there is no cure for it. However, a physical therapist can build you an individualized therapy plan intended to reduce your symptoms and improve your mobility. 

Your physical therapy program for arthritis could include therapy techniques such as: 

  • Manual therapy — This is a category of therapy techniques. It’s called manual therapy because therapists use their hands to move and manipulate your body without your assistance. Manual     therapy can be very effective for arthritis pain. Researchers report that a program that included this therapy method helped improve pain scores by 52% in four weeks. 

Some of the other therapy methods your physical therapist may include in your arthritis treatment plan include: 

Find effective arthritis treatment at Armor Physical Therapy

Are you suffering from arthritis pain? Our team at Armor Physical Therapy is ready to help you find effective treatment for your pain and other arthritis symptoms. Our physical therapists can perform a free screening for you that’s designed to pinpoint what issues your arthritis is causing. We also excel at building personalized therapy plans intended to reduce your symptoms. 

Is your schedule too hectic for an in-clinic therapy session? That’s OK! Our team offers virtual care and at-home therapy sessions that can save you from driving to one of our clinics. We can also start your physical therapy even if you don’t have a doctor’s referral. 

Take the next step to start getting our help with your arthritis symptoms. Contact us today for more information about our treatment options or to schedule your initial appointment. 

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