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Ankle Pain

Our ankles are tasked with holding up our entire body weight day in and day out. Ankle pain can develop for a variety of reasons, but when it gets bad enough to affect our daily lives that is when most people begin searching for ankle pain treatment. The Armor Physical Therapy office in Mattawan, Michigan treats patients of all ages with all type of ankle pain.

What can cause ankle pain?

The most common ankle injury is a joint sprain. Athletes who play sports with lots of lateral movement and sudden directional changes such as basketball, tennis or soccer are very susceptible to rolling an ankle.

But anyone can take a bad step off a curb and sprain an ankle. For most minor ankle injuries, first aid techniques such as rest, ice, compression and elevation can alleviate pain and reduce swelling. If you experience any of the following symptoms, seek immediate medical treatment:

  • Inability to bear any weight on the ankle
  • Severe pain that does not get better over time
  • Visible joint deformities or abnormalities

Diagnosing ankle pain

To determine the best course of treatment for your ankle pain, a physical therapist will perform a gait analysis. Your gait is the normal walking or running stride that you take. Digital cameras record your steps and your motion can be analyzed frame by frame.

This is useful in diagnosing ankle pain from conditions such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. From the gait analysis, the physical therapist may recommend changes to your footwear, orthotic inserts or a brace that can help provide support.

Physical therapy for ankle pain at Armor Physical Therapy

When the ankle is injured, the ligaments in the joint can become stretched and loosened. The ankle can be unstable and pose a risk of further injury. Physical therapy works to strengthen the surrounding muscles and stabilize the joint to reduce risk of future injury.

The team at Armor Physical Therapy in Mattawan, Michigan are skilled in treating patients with all types of ankle pain. If you have recently injured your ankle, contact one of our friendly staff today to set up your initial appointment and go over our treatment options.

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