Ankle pain treatment in Battle Creek, MI

Ankle Pain Treatment

The ankles are a very common location for pain to develop since these relatively small yet highly flexible joints often have to support the entire weight of the body. This can be compounded for sports or high-impact activities that put tremendous loads on one ankle at a time. Because of this, athletes such as gymnasts, football players, basketball players and runners very often have to deal with ankle injuries such as twists or sprains. However, ankle pain can also occur due to age-related causes like arthritis.

If you are in Battle Creek, Michigan, and seeking ankle pain treatment, Armor Physical Therapy wants to help. We have locations throughout southwest Michigan, including a clinic right in Battle Creek. As you read the following guide to the available treatment options, feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

How to treat ankle pain

For most minor injuries, such as a sprain, basic treatments like applying a hot or cold compress, elevating the ankle and getting a proper period of rest can help relieve pain while the injury heals. In some cases, it may also be beneficial to wear an ankle brace to prevent painful movement when it is necessary to be active.

If you find you are dealing with ankle pain that does not improve in a short period of time, or if it worsens, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. A full physical evaluation should be performed and diagnostic imagery should be taken to rule out the possibility of a bone fracture or soft tissue tear.

Physical therapy in Battle Creek for ankle pain treatment

For most people dealing with ankle pain, physical therapy can be a highly effective part of a broad treatment program. Steps and techniques that the expert physical therapists at Armor Physical Therapy use to relieve ankle pain include:

  • Movement and posture evaluation
  • Manual therapy
  • Soft tissue and joint mobilization
  • Therapeutic exercise and balance training
  • Therapeutic massage

If ankle pain is sidelining you from your favorite activities or even affecting your work and family life, don’t wait to find the relief you deserve. To learn more about our Battle Creek location and how we provide exceptional, personalized care, contact us today for an initial appointment. We’re happy to provide an evaluation to determine the treatment journey that is best for you.

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